Cobra SH130-4 Two Way Radio/Walkie Talkie - 13-KM (8-MILE) 4-Pack

MSRP: $99.95
(You save $20.00 )

Product Overview


This ergonomically designed radio is an affordable and compact option for everyone from the novice to professional radio enthusiasts.


  • With an 8 mile range the Cobra SH130 radio pack is great for families
  • Audible and recognizable alert when you receive a call
  • Unique circuitry that extends battery life when not in use
  • Equipped with the roger beep which gives a confirmation tone when it is clear to talk

The Cobra 8 mile two way radio pack is ideal for family activities; amusement park, hiking, cruise vacation, sightseeing and etc. The roger beep confirmation tone indicates to others it is clear to talk and a call alert provides a recognizable alert for incoming calls. Your Cobra 8 mile radio extends battery life when not transmitting or receiving with its power saver circuitry.

Tech specs

  • Range: 8 miles
  • Battery: 3 x AAA alkaline batteries per radio (not included)

Box Contents

  • 4 x Cobra 8 Mile Two Way Walkie Talkie/ Radio